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  • Cereb Jastrus

    Cereb grew up an orphan in a large town, spending most of her time like most little kids playing, working when told to, and misbehaving the normal amount. However slightly before puberty her magical talent was noticed and she was taken into a large school …

  • Aznost

    Aznost is endurant. A human born into a life of no particular note or merit, he left his hometown shortly after officially becoming a man, not sure what he would find outside. What happened to cross his path and change his life was a cleric of Erathis. …

  • Lith

    *The Early Years*

    Trentep Jastrus

    *It Begins Like All Other Stories...*


    Cara was born into a small family of nobles on the edge of the hospitable deserts. Their primary source of income and prestige was dealing with the "special" types of traders that come out from such deep mysterious parts of the desert. Cara herself is …

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