Trentep Jastrus

Herbert West the Cliche Adventurer


It Begins Like All Other Stories…

Trentep Jastrus’s story begins like so many adventurers, a childhood filled with happiness and a loving family. In his small village he knew only love and the comfort of a mothers embrace. His life consisted of playing with his friends, going to school with a few of the other children, and learning life lessons in a harmless goofy manner. Then something or another horrible happened and his family was thrown into strife, or maybe slaughtered. Maybe there was a drought and he was sent off to find a way to appease the gods. Perhaps the kingdom his family lived in was now ruled by a tyrant and Trentep set off to usurp the rotten King. It’s even possible that a band of orcs or any other type of nefarious barbarous humanoid burnt down the village while he escaped to seek his vengeance!

A Journey Across The Land!

Trenteps journey led him all over the lands, at least as far as a lucky adventuring young man could make with the help of strangers and fate. All sorts of wonders assaulted his senses, experiences were had, points were learned about important things in the world & in general he enjoyed his time making a living doing odd jobs for strangers in new towns each week. Eventually, as he grew older a more intense sense of wanderlust seeped into his soul, a desire to do more then simply explore the various towns but to delve into the wilderness, fight monsters, save princesses and slay dragonish things!

Well he quickly found out the real life of a adventurer was nothing like he thought it was, but none the less he trained and searched for ways to get ready for his big quest in life! Magic came into his path around this time, as he was lucky enough to hit it up well with a fellow wandering adventurer…this one a actual retired hero of a sort. They developed a deep bond with questionably gay undertones (as seems to always be the case). The old mentor found the energy of the “boy” invigorating and Trentep was getting exactly what he wanted out of the knowledge he was picking up. He learned of the cliche hero tools, grappling hooks, 10 foot poles, portable holes, potions, all sorts of things to help him explore dungeons & crypts, plus abandoned castles of course. Sadly the unavoidable eventuality of something bad happening came along, maybe they were separated or maybe he learned all he could or possibly the old man died…something like that, and so Trentep set off on his own to put his skills to the test!

A Adventurer!!! of sorts…

Life is great. Monsters to battle, people to help, bars to get drunk in and thieves to steal your money! Trentep spent the next few years simply doing what heroes do…helping people and pushing himself. His mostly good intentions led him to being quite well liked by many of the small towns, as well as getting the wool pulled over his eyes just as many times. He has finally begun to be a bit more reasonable and realistic with his goals & beliefs, even his intentions. Money is important, food is important, and traveling seems to drain both of these. Ah…the sacrificial life of a adventurer, never staying in one place and constantly spending money on over priced goods.

After a great many (at least to him) valiant acts it seems something more pressing and grand has arisen. A great danger has arose in the east and he has been called upon to help explore and stop it. This is his big chance! With the magic and knowledge he has at his disposal he plans to gain the admiration of the cities of the kingdom, to meet & battle with great comrades who slowly turn into great friends, and to find a adversary who is worthy to face him in countless reoccurring deeply emotional & philosophical battles…Let’s just hope he wakes up a bit more to the real world before he dies from his naive & reckless ways.

Trentep Jastrus

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