Tilea Norden



Slightly Gullible, but has learned to be a little worried, just eventualy caves
Does not like taking charge
Does not like killing people
Very compassionate
Tough and quiet
Dedicated to her family above everything



Tilea was born to a boring life in the land and enjoyed it for most of her childhood. She was raised in a tough life, working each day until the setting of the sun and then going to sleep, waking back up in the morning to repeat.

Age 20
She was elected into the militia during a short war and while seeing no real combat did learn the basics for using weapons. The “war” was somewhat successful for the lord they live under, however the people of the land prospered nothing from it. She personally did get some prized spoils from one of the engagements.

She was secretive about the loot she found, though by no means stealing it, prizing the crossbow and the chain shirt. She knew that such expensive items could cause her more problems then any real benefit they would add to her life.

Age 22
She returned to her family and dropped back into the life of a farmer, on many occasions coming close to selling her crossbow and armor.

She treated them as heirlooms and trade items more then actual implements of war.

Age 25
The farm having fallen on hard times Tilea was always looking for more work she could do to bring in food and money for her parents and brother. Luck would have it that a particularly paranoid merchant was looking for more guards and hired her on to his caravan. Though she was upset about leaving her parents behind she hoped that the money it would provide, including some upfront, would end up doing more for her family then her being gone would hurt them.

Age 27
2 years doing guard work for caravans and a few small stints in villages made her a bit more ambitious and she started taking on mercenary work that was more proactive then being a guard.

Age 30
Still somewhat unskilled in using her weapons, Tilea has learned to take on jobs that are not too aggressive, and try to stay in the crowed. She prefers jobs that require capture rather then murder, and still gives the majority of the money she makes to her parents and brother back home.


Tilea Norden

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