Emotional & Protective Dragon Woman


Sval is over 6 feet tall and as fit as they come. Though not perticulerly atheltic, strong or graceful, and not blessed with a keen intelect or even sharp wits, Sval is gifted with the charismatic grace and toughness of her race. Her scales are a light purple, usualy changing to a deeper shade during the hotter months and possess a dull hue that is calming and warm looking. She sports several long crests and fringes on her head, often shapeing them to resmeble thick tighly woven hair but only rarely decorates them with baubles.

The dragonborn is a strong woman, able to stand up and protect those she’s around, willing to put her companions needs before her own, and in general gets along with nearly everyone extreemly well. She has however ocasionaly been accused of being a manipulator, and even rarer a vixen. It is true that she is willing to appeal to people to gain their aid, but it is almost always fairly and with honest coersion and swaping of favors, any time she is acused of anything more she is deeply hurt and goes out of her way to try and resolve any possilbe insults or problems that arose. Sval gets lost in the emotions of the group, and becuase of her training has a tendency to let others get lost in her emotions as well. The results are often of intensifying any encounter she participates in, and as such she is quite often on the invite list to any sort of gathering those she know are having.


Sval has a reputation as a nice and friendly woman. Born into a noble family past the fringes of a large city, she spent most of her childhood learning the ways of the family. Being dragonborn those ways were more rigid then most of the others she interacted with, her lessons focussing around being proper, honorable, learning to respect your allies as well as your enemies, to understand them, and to empathize with those around her in order to better “deal” with them. She picked up on this these quickly, despite her young hormones driving her crazy with the need to be out of the home experiencing life. For a while she chained those urges with the combat practice so common in dragonborn nobility, but as they waned so did her devotion to the martial skills. While she never quite got tamed by her family and the lifestyle of Nobility, she did learn from it, and benefited from her upbringing in ways she wasn’t aware of till later in life.

Sval didn’t begin to truly go out on her own until several years past maturity. As her family’s power waned, slowly crumbling because of expanding borders pushing beyond their own property and therefore lowering their importance as border nobility, she found herself less and less called upon to be a dignitary. Her once busy life was beginning to develop large holes of free time and she decided to pick up wandering around the lands near where she lived. Mixing in with the travelers, adventurers, and occasionally the common people of the earth turned out to be just as interesting and exciting as she had hoped it would be. This was a new experience for her and she found the thrill of being in places so close to others but without the heavy restrictions of proper etiquette to be nearly intoxicating. Many a month was spent where she never stepped a foot inside her home, as she dwelled in a world of empathetic exploration. It was the life many people dreamed of, and it had…consequences.

No one in Sval’s family knew she was an adept, it wasn’t something that was particularly common in their tree, and she had no signs of it at an early age. Because of the type of abilities she was prone too and how unexpected they were when the abilities began to develop they terrified the young lady. The things she once found ultimate peace in, learning about others, sharing feelings, spending time understanding the intimacies of other races and cultures, now frightened her. Sval began to truly feel what others felt, and it was unnerving! Even pleasant thoughts and feelings took on a dark edge when you knew they were not your own. She picked up anger from others as they passed by dwelling in deep clouds of fear and regret. Sharing space with people intoxicated or enthralled in deep emotions bled into her own uncontrollably effecting her. Overwhelmed and stressed out she simply couldn’t stand it anymore and retreated back home. There she spent several months barred off from the world, even from her family, weeping in the silent solitude.

As time passed Svals family eventually came to understand what she was going threw, and being still wealthy enough to claim nobility status sent off to get help for their daughter. She was taught how to block out others emotions, as well as how to let them in when she wished. However what was found by her teachers and taught to her, was that she possessed the powerful ability of a psionic ardent, the ability to effect others with her own feelings. It took over a of training for her to get to where it was truly functional, and another to learn how to actually apply such effects in a controlled fashion to others. It was a marvelous ability for someone in the lifestyle of a noble lady who had been taught the ins and outs of diplomacy.

As her young adulthood came to a close, Sval found herself held up as the family jewel. It was her they looked to for the prolonged existence of their estate. Her abilities and skill to empathizes with others, as well as getting them to understand her own feelings, was the ticket to the family’s success.

Something happened at that point in her life however, something Sval never mentions and never lets anyone else know she thinks about. Situations changed, events happened, and she was cast out of her family, her last name struck from her and her very existence ignored. She no longer shares a claim to nobility, and speaks not of her past with them. Perhaps the teetering family finally succumbed to losing their nobility status, Sval does not know…but thinks it is extremely likely.

As of now the dragonborn woman wanders the land, moving from place to place with a sense of loneliness that seems to not be able to be quenced by simple companionship or physical desires. Perhaps danger will change things, perhaps in protecting others she will find acceptance, or welcoming arms, or what ever it is that will quench her hidden terror of being lost in a sea of faceless feelings.

The Campaign

Recently Sval met Bae Olmas, a well traveled and elderly looking dwarf. Knowing very little about their race she took a interest in how passionately he felt about something she never could understand…history and disaster. Seeing an opportunity to experience someone eases new passion, as well as perhaps learn some of the more wordily arts, she proposed that they travel together, it has been working well so far, and Sval is truly enjoying the new experiences within the reach of a now trusted companion.


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