Galina Svetlana

Strong Willed Endurant Githzerai Guardian


Long Journey

Galina Sveltana is a woman of stature. Standing nearly 6 feet 6 inches, she usually is a head higher then the more common humanoid races & towers over several of the smaller ones. A Gith, Githzerai specifically, she is often mistaken as some sort of half goblin or orc because of the olive tone of her skin that is shared by many of the goblinoid races. However her voice is more akin with those of the softer races, with none of the gargling guttural emphases that the monstrous races tend to possess.

Galina walks with the burden of a huge fullblade on her back, though not a strong woman physically her willpower and faith gives her the power to wield the sword with precision & force like that of any well trained warrior.

The rest of her tends to be sparse, clean, and well made. Sveltana prefers to buy things of high quality that will last a long time, because of her travels. That being saide baubles, trinkets, frills & the like are not something she wears, except for the occasional religious object exception.

Her body is fit but not curvy, her face is hardly hideous but a bit too inhumane for most to find attractive, & her skin carries the callouses and scars of her profession.


Quiet Contemplation

Like many of her kind, the Githzerai, are known for Galina Sveltana was born raised & lived in a monastery for most of her life. She stayed away from the world both because of the covenants desire to keep her there and her personal content feelings with this way of life. Control is important to her god. Control is important to her race. Control is important to her. Sveltanas life was filled with control, everything she ate, her exercises, everything she learned, when she went to sleep & when she woke, it was a life of regiments, of order, of self discipline & self discovery.

During adolescence Galina decided that she wished not to focus on harnessing her mental powers but to instead learn to be one of the monastery guards. In doing so she would not experience the enlightenment of the monks, she would instead learn how to wield the fullblade to protect those under her charge in the name of The Blood of Vol. She lived a life in ways even more secluded then was already the case. The guards of the monastery, the Guards of the Blood, lived seprit from all the rest of the Githzerai, rarely exchanging words among themselves much less with those they protected, yet it was not a boring life, not a life of stasis…The Blood of Vol did not accept a unprogressing life.

Three Years passed as Galina Sveltana expanded her understanding of the connection they shared with The Blood of Vol. The large fullblade no longer felt heavy in her hands, she no longer feared the darkness of the night that she gazed upon out from the monastery…but it wasn’t enough. The Gith came for them one day, the Githyanki, their mortal enemy, their once brothers. Why they attacked Sveltana still dosn’t know, perhaps it is just part of their nature, perhaps it was their hate of the Githzerai, or maybe there was some secret she was unaware of, some need she was not blessed with knowing. She fought, hard, but it wasn’t enough. The Githyanki swarmed the monastery, dragging down & brutally killing all they got a hold of, there was no end to them and so Sveltana fled into the enemy filled night with a few others she could bring with her, the only chance to save them…

Over the next year Galina & those who escaped with her traveled randomly, simply attempting to keep moving & stay away from the constant danger that the shadows held. In this they slowly failed, as one at a time their numbers were reduced by the blades & arrows of assassins. Eventually only Galina remained.

The Githzerai woman grew miserable. Lost & alone she succumbed to sadness, & revenge. She lost sight of her god & of her training, of her peoples belief in personal enlightenment & betterment. For over a year her life was nothing but stumbling blindly, occasionally she would wake for a moment, aware of the world around her, aware of what she had fallen into…but the darkness was still there, the deep wounds & sadness, and quickly she was snatched into that inky void of emotions yet again.

Eventually she truly woke up, and when she did a fire burned deeper inside of her then before. Gone were the doubts & sadness, gone were the crazed thoughts of vengeance. They were replaced with a desire to progress, to become what she had before, and to surpass that. To improve, to grow, to strengthen her bond with The Blood of Vol, & yes to punish the Githyanki for their crimes. A great wrong had been done and she would see to it that it was righted, not for her personal need to hurt those that had wounded her, but because of the rightness of the thing.

It has been 28 years since Galina was born, 20 years since she became a Guardian of the Blood, 5 years since she lost everything & 3 years since she was woken from the darkness.

When will the next moment that shapes her life happen? What will it be?

Galina Svetlana

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