Cereb Jastrus

Hot Headed, Obsessive, Crazy Devil Bitch


Cereb is a pale looking woman with naturally intense reds all about her body. The almost outlandish reds her body produces do not subdue Cerebs occasional haughty desire to accentuate her form with dye, makeup, clothing and other deeply red or dark green colorings. Her build is pleasant to look upon, with more shapes and curves then many females, but is not nearly as enticing as she seems to think, and much of her allure is in leaving bits up to the voyeurs imagination. With somewhat of a delicate constitution she often throws people off in just how violent and aggressive her actions can be, seemingly heedless or perhaps oblivious to her own physical frailty & weakness.

Cerebs moods change drastically when she is confused, upset, in a pinch, or in general when she feels she is losing control, or simply lost in the moment, or when ever she is bored. Fits of rage, jealousy, hate and even intoxicating obsession are all things that often consume her…however when not falling prey to her own lack of self control and restraint she likes to act like the curious cat, always wondering what this or that does. At other times she prefers to remain aloof, as if the squabbles and interests of the lessors around her are quaint and amusing. However no matter what Cereb acts like she always is looking to let loose with a witty or smart and slightly insulting remark from her lips.

Cerebs conversations and input are often just slightly tinged with a sharp or dark intent that makes others question exactly what she is thinking when she says such things, or what she could mean by them. Of course there are the other times, those when she is direct and extremely forward with exactly what she is implying, usually of a cruel and insulting nature.


Cereb grew up an orphan in a large town, spending most of her time like most little kids playing, working when told to, and misbehaving the normal amount. However slightly before puberty her magical talent was noticed and she was taken into a large school that dealt with training people how to use magic in its various incarnations.

At the magic school Cereb quickly became obsessed with the lore, finding all sorts of interesting things to do with magic she took a very hands on approach…and a approach heavy with instantly trying to apply anything at all that she learned, regardless of her mastery or control over it. This resulted in constant incidents of her harming the school, others and herself. Yet the more cereb learned and the more she found out she could do with the arcane arts, the more she wanted to know.

Cereb eventually began stretching the rules of the school, witch quickly turned to breaking them. Using magic on others, using magic to profit in ways that were not allowed, breaking into places to research forbidden lore, ceaselessly pushing to know and have access to things that were not right for her to be a part of. Her reputation darkened, rumors began to spread about her, lies and slander quickly followed, most were not true…but a few were.

Cerebs teniourship with the university finally ended when she was on a single day, caught attempting to practice demonology, having caused the death of another student, and going berserk during a dueling competition trying to kill her opponent, nearly getting herself killed in the process.

Tossed out and left to whore her magical skills how ever she could, she was marked as a disgrace and her reputation ruined…but she had learned a lot and continued to pursue those things in only such ways as someone obsessed can…

The Campaign

(i wrote a longer more in depth summery and it was lost, so short handing this). Cereb was woken up by the party when she was found as a statue in a old dwarven empires ruins. The ruins were several hundred years old, and Cereb had apparently been turned to stone for longer. She wandered around with the dwarf, tiefling and artificer, trying to find a way out of the ruins. Eventually they managed to, after defeating a huge demon. The dwarf left the party here, trying to rise the dwarven empire again, and the tiefling simply dissapeared.

The campaign continued when Cereb and the artificer went to a local town, and dealt with a magical storm that came up, meeting a rogue who seemed to know the local area. During the storm some well known barbaric monsters attacked the town, and with the party’s help the town repelled them…but problems came up because of the town being dicks and the party being problematic while trying to help them so the party ignored the town instead and made their way to a seer on the local mountain. They spoke to the seer, who like seers do said a lot of odd cryptic stuff, and then the party made their way around randomly until they were thrown into another dimension. They found out that the dimension was actually something they were in since they saw the seer and they were being “Sent” to a group of creatures that acted as the iconic “Death”.

Here is where Cereb left the campaign, as the creatures were also the enforcers of a great many more, including fate, and it was revealed that Cereb was an oath breaker, having made deals with devils and then tried to get away from them (in fact that’s why she was turned into a stone statue, as a means of getting out of a deal with a devil). She was torn into the sky and sucked into the void by the “Enforcers”

Cereb Jastrus

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