Psionicly Endurant Ex Noble of the Savage Deserts


Cara is endurant, and it shows. Her body is etched with the markings of sand from her early life & yet still it holds a sort of savage burnished beauty to it. her skin is a deep tan shade & covered in freckles, a side effect of extremely long periods in the sun. She stands average height for a woman, just shy of 6 feet, and while she doesn’t possess many curves she does have a sort of well built athleticism around her body that gathers more gazes of respect then lust. Her long brown hair is normally free from any sort of restraint & as such can become quite entangled or dirty. Few people would believe she is a noble, except for perhaps those who know of the desert people & their etiquette.



Cara was born into a small family of nobles on the edge of the hospitable deserts. Their primary source of income and prestige was dealing with the “special” types of traders that come out from such deep mysterious parts of the desert. Cara herself is strong willed and personable, but with a slightly serious tone around how she deals with people. Having been privileged for most of her life as a young child, she grew up during adolescents and young adult hood learning less about the trade of the family and more about how to protect it. One of her favorite past times was walking the divide, a sort of constantly shifting “road” near her family’s estate that was caused by nature and functions as the boundary to the outer zones (basically sand dunes).

Caras family supported her desired role of “family guard” once she reached adulthood, even going as far as to get magical armor made from her out of one of the common dangers of the divide, a large black monitor with iron like scales and a tendency to ambush lone travelers. The Mongrian, as the lizards are known, have a tendency to bring their prey down in a way that will keep it alive for days, as it slowly dies of dehydration, both from the desert and a special form of osmosis the Mongrians can do threw their scaly skin. Another gift was a more practical one, a belt that magnified the users strength of back. Despite her constant endeavors into the desert, wearing armor, & working out as much as any other guard, Cara simply never was able to put on much muscle mass, and used to have a magical belt that helped her deal with the heavy load of her heavy armor but recently she was robed by a group of bandits and had all her stuff stolen.


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